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We provide all type of design engineering support and engineering solutions to our customers and provide customized engineering design solutions, Project engineering and management. We provide critical support for anything and everything pertaining to process engineering and design. We represent them as their design office. We also provide support for ASME certification and re-certification audit. We have in-house capabilities for static equipment design and piping engineering. We render end to end support for all requirements concerning finite element analysis. We are nothing but “A One Stop Solution” to every design, engineering, certification need of our customers!
Concept / Basic Designing
Concept designing plays a very important role in designing process. Once the product requirement is scoped out, the first step is concept designing without which detailed designing is not effective. It is a first phase of designing. In this phase drawings are quite simple. The main aim here is to bring ideas on the paper in the form of drawings.
We provide most innovative solutions to our clients for any complex requirement. Our experience and expertise Basic designing provides us insight. It includes option development, Preparation of project design basis, Pre-bid analysis and support, Basic engineering package, Project engineering and management

Our process includes

  • Understanding the exact need and understanding the objective
  • Research on the problem
  • Finding out possible solutions
  • Selecting the solution with engineering analysis.

Basic Engineering is the second step of designing process. It is the development and review stage. It includes development of data collected, user requirement preparation, process flow diagrams, Piping and instrument designing, schematic drawings.
Basic engineering is a foundation for detailed engineering.

Detailed Engineering
Detailed engineering is extracting all details from basic engineering. Ideas that are conceived as possibilities in conceptual stage are more real in detailed engineering stage. Detailed engineering is a MUST phase in any project. One can obviate conceptual and/or basic engineering in any low-complex project but not Detailed engineering!

Our detailed Engineering services include :

Equipment designing:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Process Columns
  • Silos and Hoppers
  • Boilers
  • PVHO (Design and detail drawings)

Process Engineering:

  • Equipment Sizing
  • Thermal design
  • Basic engineering
  • PID generation

Piping Engineering:

  • Piping Layout
  • Stress Analysis
  • 3D Modelling
  • Material Take-offs

Structural Engineering:

  • Equipment Foundation
  • Skid design
  • Platform design(Design and detail drawings)

We are globally recognized Engineering Design Consultancy Company in Pune offering one stop solution to our clients by providing customized engineering design, drafting, design support and engineering solutions. We provide critical support for anything and everything pertaining to process engineering and design and ASME, CE Certification and DOSH certification. We also experience and expertise in designing as per ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, ASME Sec. VIII Div. 2

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